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“It’s all here at Gloria’s program: brain development and appropriate activities, identifying strengths and values, parenting styles, a wonderfully effective coaching process methodology. Gloria’s training gave me tools to help lift the immobilizing load of guilt and frustration from a parent’s shoulders. It’s a heady brew of intellectual challenge, personal growth, and skills development. Creative thinkers apply here!”Chris Christensen, Bainbridge Island, WA
“Thanks to Gloria DeGaetano I am now thinking about my professional life in a way that gives me inspiration and a new breath of life. Because of her classes, I have better tools to serve children and families.”Sheila Leao, Teacher, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
“Your discussion of brain function and development was eye-opening, clear, concise, and full of information which provoked more comments and discussion than I have ever heard expressed by an audience. Your knowledge and concern about media violence, stereotyping, self-image, and family dynamics and your sensitive and empathetic presentation has deeply affected those who were present.”Penelope Wright, Program Coordinator, Rogers Memorial Library, Southampton, NY

“Gloria DeGaetano is one of those rare people who bridge the gap between the practical realities and the inspirational vision behind the higher purpose of being a parent. She never fails to offer the deepest insights whilst honouring both parent and child in the most profound way.”Kim Simpson, Psychotherapist, London
“Thank you for your outstanding presentations. You have such a great energy that you were a candle lighting our country with brilliant ideas and actions. Thank you for your dedication.”Boo Gon Kim, Director, Seonam Foundation, Seoul, South Korea
“You have filled the gap between what my husband and I have believed and lived for the past fifteen years…You gave explanation, support, and substantiation to all we have worked to achieve in the raising of our children.”Barbara Thompson, Medical Lake, WA
“On so many levels what you had to say was profoundly significant. I want every parent and teacher to learn what you’re teaching us. I was thoroughly challenged and stimulated by the presentations and I am so grateful for the work you’re doing. You are the perfect messenger for what you have to teach—thoughtful, warm, caring, personal, professional and articulate. Thank you for all you give. I look forward to seeing you again.” Randy Fishfader, Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

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