Welcome to Gloria’s Parent Coaching!

My coaching is your affordable solution to create the life you want for yourself and your children.

Frustrated with seeing so many moms and dads struggle and suffer, I founded the profession of parent coaching in 2000 because I believed coaching to be the best way to help parents in our high-tech, increasingly complex culture. Now I know that to be true. For the past fifteen years, I have seen, and continue to see, the successes of my coaching clients and the clients of the professionals I train to be PCI Certified Parent Coaches®.

Every parent, every child, every family is unique. Coaching gets to the heart of that uniqueness. The coaching process offers personalized attention and specific strategies for “best fit” effectiveness.

And for the record, when I coach I bring my expertise to the table, but you are the expert of your child, family, and situation. With that in mind, please know that I don’t believe you “need” coaching or that I am coaching you because of some kind of lack. In reality, those who seek coaching are already doing well—think elite athletes, opera singers, and concert violinists. My coaching aligns with this long tradition of coaching for growing talents and skills optimally.

As the C.E.O. of your family, you have an abundance of creativity and a deep pool of resources within yourself−your parenting well! During our coaching conversations, we tap into that well, as I nurture and nudge you to discover and do what works best for you and your family.

Coaching with me is an energizing, creative process. You will be surprised and delighted. Count on it!

Let’s talk to see if I am the right parent coach for you.

Client Buzz…

“Anyone contemplating the coaching experience could not choose a better coach than Gloria. Her skills and experience in listening and guiding helped me find the wisdom within myself, and transformed my life. She is wise and warm, professional and caring. I could not have found the amazing growth I experienced without her guidance. The process was always illuminating and positive. I looked forward to each session with anticipation, and left charged and positive after we finished. Being coached by Gloria changed my life and my family’s lives forever.”
Connie Anderson, Newcastle, WA
“Your parent coaching provided me with the support, encouragement, and feedback I needed to realign my parental priorities. It was an enlightening experience. I was able to clarify my goals and take important steps to improve my relationship with my son.”
Pat Bohman, Antioch, IL
“I and my family have truly been blessed by your thoughtfulness and wisdom. With you as my coach, I found the courage and grace to make the journey from chaos to coherence, to embrace mystery and live fully.”
Dulcie Gretton, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
“You have helped me and my husband improve our parenting skills as well as markedly increased my son’s autonomy, creativity, and persistence in tough tasks…thank you!”
Kristen Peters, Sherwood, OR
“The coaching …was incredibly insightful, relevant, and specific to my situation. While there is no silver bullet or one stop shop for parenting, the coaching helped me look deeply at myself and my situation to become more aware of how I react or respond to situations, as well as providing a better understanding of how my behavior may trigger a certain behavior or response from my son. Thank you, Gloria!”
Jason Ayala, Phoenix, AZ