Screen-Free Week: And What About Next Week?

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Screen-Free Week

I raised my sons without TV until they were ages nine and seven. As toddlers, I had seen how their behaviors changed so profoundly with even thirty minutes of screen time. And as fate would have it, during that time I had plowed into the research on the effects of … Read More

3 Types of Play: What Kind and How Much?

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child's play

Jerome Bruner, the esteemed cognitive psychologist (who turned 100 on Oct. 1, 2015) stated in a 1976 Psychology Today article: “Play is the serious business of childhood.”1 And ever since, child advocates, educators, developmental specialists—even Mr. Rogers—often echoed Bruner. Why? Because he’s right. Since 1976 there have been hundreds of … Read More

Parent Coaching Resolves Media-Digital Dilemmas

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Disclaimer: I believe parent coaching helps to solve/resolve any parenting challenge, not only media-digital dilemmas–that’s why I created the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program in 2000. I was, and still am convinced, that a coaching process holds the key to unlock and activate parenting strengths leading to greater confidence and … Read More

Be a Front-Stage Positive Digital Parent

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front-stage positive digital parent

Dan Sullivan, CEO of Strategic Coach, uses the concepts of “front-stage” and “back-stage” to explain the need for boundaries between customer service (front-stage) and staff concerns (back-stage). Like a theatrical production, the back-stage activities are often, messy, chaotic, and seemingly endless. The performance, however, goes on seamlessly—(hopefully)—most of the time. … Read More