Parent Coaching: Powerfully Informs & Inspires

Gloria DeGaetanoParent Coaching Process

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How do parents obtain relevant information about how to meet their children’s developmental needs and stay the course within an industry-generated culture that uses mass media and screen technologies to amplify misleading, even dangerous information, that leads them astray so quickly and so completely? OK, that’s a really long question. … Read More

Parent Coaching Resolves Media-Digital Dilemmas

Gloria DeGaetanoParent Coaching Process, Screen Technology

Disclaimer: I believe parent coaching helps to solve/resolve any parenting challenge, not only media-digital dilemmas–that’s why I created the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program in 2000. I was, and still am convinced, that a coaching process holds the key to unlock and activate parenting strengths leading to greater confidence and … Read More

3 Lessons On Process from a One-Hour Football Game

Gloria DeGaetanoParent Coaching Process

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Imagine an NFL football game lasting five minutes and the first team that scores, wins. I’m not talking about overtime or sudden death—but the entire game played within a five-minute span. That would mean fans would pay good money for tickets to see players personally rough and tumble for a … Read More