Our Most Effective Message Exchange Is Who We Are

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message exchange, effective communication

Reading Neal Gabler’s piece, “Farewell, Democracy,” in reaction to the presidential election, I was struck by his quoting the end of W.H. Auden’s poem, September 1, 1939: “Defenseless under the night Our world in stupor lies; Yet, dotted everywhere, Ironic points of light Flash out wherever the Just Exchange their … Read More

Light, Labor, and Illumination

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light and illumination

Light, at the end of the summer is a thin light—a bit less radiant than a month ago. Its brashness replaced with a gentler touch, light seems to be saying, “I’m not exactly fading, but I am retreating a bit.” And here in the Pacific Northwest, it adds, “Enjoy me while you … Read More

Before Starting an After-School Satan Club…

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So, Satan has invaded our public schools under the disguise of atheists-who-want-rights-to-influence children-same as evangelical Christians do. The After-School Satan Club has developed an extra-school curricula for public schools, stating on their website “to counter evangelism in public schools,” most notably The Good News Clubs. This Satanic Temple sponsored program … Read More

Back on the Path to Stillness and Solidity

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stillness path

Recently my yoga instructor encouraged the class to, “Go for stillness and solidity” while in a balancing pose. I tuned into her putting stillness and solidity together as if one couldn’t do without the other. I usually think of one or the other. Hmm…how to achieve both? Especially now. In light of … Read More

“I am The Greatest.” Mohammed Ali and Ego

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Mohammed Ali

As a teenager, I thought a lot about ego—relinquishing it and all that. I remember, working very hard to be here now sans ego. overhearing a woman at the checkout stand turn to her friend and say, “Egos are like as_ h_les, everyone’s got one.” Wow. How Profane…Embarrassing, even, but oh … Read More

3 Types of Play: What Kind and How Much?

Gloria DeGaetanoScreen Technology

child's play

Jerome Bruner, the esteemed cognitive psychologist (who turned 100 on Oct. 1, 2015) stated in a 1976 Psychology Today article: “Play is the serious business of childhood.”1 And ever since, child advocates, educators, developmental specialists—even Mr. Rogers—often echoed Bruner. Why? Because he’s right. Since 1976 there have been hundreds of … Read More

Parent Coaching: Powerfully Informs & Inspires

Gloria DeGaetanoParent Coaching Process

parent coaching

How do parents obtain relevant information about how to meet their children’s developmental needs and stay the course within an industry-generated culture that uses mass media and screen technologies to amplify misleading, even dangerous information, that leads them astray so quickly and so completely? OK, that’s a really long question. … Read More

Parent Coaching Resolves Media-Digital Dilemmas

Gloria DeGaetanoParent Coaching Process, Screen Technology

Disclaimer: I believe parent coaching helps to solve/resolve any parenting challenge, not only media-digital dilemmas–that’s why I created the Parent Coach Certification® Training Program in 2000. I was, and still am convinced, that a coaching process holds the key to unlock and activate parenting strengths leading to greater confidence and … Read More

3 Lessons On Process from a One-Hour Football Game

Gloria DeGaetanoParent Coaching Process

football, super bowl

Imagine an NFL football game lasting five minutes and the first team that scores, wins. I’m not talking about overtime or sudden death—but the entire game played within a five-minute span. That would mean fans would pay good money for tickets to see players personally rough and tumble for a … Read More