A Systems Solution to Prevent School Shootings

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14 school shootings have occurred across the United States so far in 2018. If they keep up at this rate throughout the year, they will more than double from 2017. We all must step up our game. As adults we have a huge responsibility to address this madness and put … Read More

In 2018: My Vow to Keep a Voyager View

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My husband, as an aerospace engineer, worked on many NASA projects, but his favorite hands down was the Voyager 1 and 2 missions. Recently we reminisced by watching the new PBS special, The Farthest—Voyager in Space. Launched in 1977 the Voyagers made a plethora of significant discoveries, including: 3 new … Read More

Celebrating My Happy Day in the Aftermath of a Mass Shooting

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happy day in wake of mass shooting

Today October 4 is my official “Happy Day,” but wondering how and even if to celebrate it after the Las Vegas mass shooting? As a child, I enjoyed an October day of playful exhilaration outdoors with warming sun, blue sky, and crisp air. I felt vitally alive and connected to … Read More

For a Successful School Year…Use That Library Card

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A Seattle blizzard is a rare occurrence, so I remember this day very well. Snow blew and fell all night long and we woke up to 2 feet of snow. No school! Excited, my sons then ages 7 and 9, starved for snow as Pacific NW children are, were bundled … Read More

Protect Your Energy; It’s Your Inner Chi Availability

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protect your inner chi

I think of my personal energy as my inner chi availability—not only because the words rhyme, but also because inner chi means “vital life force.” Sometimes spelled Qi, the word originates from ancient Chinese and other eastern cultures and literally translates into “breath” or “energy flow.” Although mainstream medicine considers … Read More

Screen-Free Week: And What About Next Week?

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Screen-Free Week

I raised my sons without TV until they were ages nine and seven. As toddlers, I had seen how their behaviors changed so profoundly with even thirty minutes of screen time. And as fate would have it, during that time I had plowed into the research on the effects of … Read More

Almost Snow. Not Quite Rain. Definitely Not Hail.

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Media literacy means giving kids words to engage high level thinking. As a transplant from the east coast several decades ago, I still miss winter snow in the Pacific Northwest. Real, verifiable snow comes our way rarely when certain conditions, depending on your altitude, make it so. Usually it’s 33 degrees … Read More