About Gloria DeGaetano

I’m a veteran Creative Energy Orchestrator for organizations and individuals. Bored with the well-trodden path since birth, I’ve created innovative paths for myself and others, ever since.

When I started the Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) in 2000, as a lark I called myself a C.E.O (Creative Energy Orchestrator) because at the time being a true CEO would have been pretentious and untrue. As PCI grew into a second PCI, Parent Coach International, and I matured into a small business CEO, adding staff, instructors, and associates, I realized very soon that I really was a Creative Energy Orchestrator more than anything else.

My passion and purpose is to help moms and dads parent well in an increasingly complex culture. By aligning parenting with the needs of the developing brain, I believe we can eradicate the unnecessary suffering associated with screen addiction so many parents and children now experience. Understandably, that takes a whole lot of will and focused energy.

Life begins and ends with energy. With sufficient energy anything is possible. Without it, we’re dead. In between life and death, our creative energy takes us beyond perceived limitations.

That’s what I so love about coaching—helping parents orchestrate their creative energy to get what they want for themselves and their families. Way back in 1999, after the tragedy of the Columbine massacre, I had a light bulb moment. I realized that no amount of informing, telling, or persuading would make a hill-of-beans-change. I can’t design a chart large enough that will convince parents to make different decisions—these mechanistic methods pale in comparison to an authentic relationship to effect changes in human behavior—every time. I cherish the coaching relationship for its profound power to catalyze sustainable, positive changes for families.

I use coaching techniques in my work with organizations and schools, too. I enjoy helping them discover just how much fun co-creating and true collaboration can be.

I also love to speak and write about how moms and dads can re-think and re-tool parenting for our new digital world. No one deserves to drown in the tech tsunami.

We are in a system that doesn’t always serve us well. I believe we all have C.E.O abilities, that when unleashed, strengthens each one of us to create a better system.

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A Few Highlights

  • Teaching

    I started my career as a teacher, then became a reading specialist, and then spent a decade as a school district administrator. I have taught for various local universities since 1985.

  • Independent Work

    In 1987 I left my administrative work to be an independent speaker, writer, and consultant.

  • Parent Coaching

    I started the Parent Coaching Institute in 2000 as an innovative way to help modern-day parents. I started Parent Coach International in 2011 and it is now growing in over 20 countries.

  • On a Personal Note

    I am the mother of two sons, amazing people-both with Ph.D.’s. They taught me, and continue to teach me, my most valuable lessons.