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Meet Gloria DeGaetano

C.E.O. (Creative Energy Orchestrator) of Parent Coaching Institute Parent Coach International
Speaker | Author | Coach | Innovator

Around the World, I am Respected as a Guide to Parents and Family Professionals. My Work Helps Them Design New Methods for Effective Parenting in Our Complex, Technology-Focused Culture.

For over two decades I have been applying innovations to support parents to successfully navigate the media—now also digital-landscape—and soon to be virtual-reality-robotics-and-wearable-devices landscape, as well.

Technology advances faster than we can keep up with it, bringing unprecedented challenges to families. That’s why I have dedicated my career to addressing these issues from a forward-thinking, pro-active, positive strength-based approach. I am passionate about helping moms and dads parent with children’s year-by-year, healthy brain development as a primary focus in their parenting practices. When this is brought to the forefront on a daily basis, much of the confusion, frustrations, and suffering resulting from over-use and misuse of screen technology disappears. Parenting becomes much more ease-full as children and teens grow optimally, using screens as tools, no longer tethered to their devices.

In the 90s I was very involved in the media literacy movement, hosting one of the first Media Literacy Conferences in the US, here in Seattle. In 2000, I founded the Parent Coaching Institute in order to train family support professionals in the specific parent coaching model I developed. Since then, PCI parent coaching has grown  worldwide, demonstrating that when parents receive compassionate support and accurate information, families flourish.

My programs and books are grounded in empirical scientific research in order to give parents and professionals accurate information and practical tools. You could say my work is where positive psychology meets brain science.


People Come to Me For…

Parent Coach Training

The Parent Coach Certification® Program I developed is a one year, graduate-level program, consisting of four courses, along with a practicum of 100 hours. Teachers, social workers, counselors and parent educators learn to implement the highly successful parent coaching model I created to effectively address any parenting challenge at any age and stage of development.
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Speaking & Consulting

I enjoy giving keynotes and providing workshops to help organizations better meet the needs of the parents they serve. I offer system analysis in my consulting that assists schools and non-profits to develop a strength-based approach by leveraging those “small things” demonstrated to have a major impact when done consistently over time.
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Private Coaching

I am in love with coaching as you probably can guess. I see the results of it daily in my work at the institute and in the feedback we get from parents who have been coached by graduates of my training program. Consequently, I maintain a private coaching practice, centered on helping parents develop a Mindful Media Family Plan. Coaching works like a charm to put to rest screen/digital dilemmas, bringing more clarity and calm for every family member.

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