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About Parent Coach Certification®

If you are a professional working with parents, consider adding to your toolbox a Parent Coach Certification® through Seattle Pacific University. This one-year, distance learning program offers leading-edge concepts and practical success techniques for deep transformative change in families. Plus it is an exciting and creative learning journey with like-minded colleagues. Please click here to learn three ways you can obtain Parent Coach Certification®.

When we parent well, we transform the world. What could be more important?

In 1987 I discovered my dream—to help moms and dads parent well in our increasingly complex world. Parents today deal daily with profound societal problems and energy-draining challenges. Parents today, unfortunately, are losing their rightful role as creators and transmitters of culture, to an artificial, industry-generated “culture.”

I speak, consult, and write about important issues that affect modern-day families. I give trainings to early childhood educators, K-12 teachers, and social service agencies. Much of my focus is on how to meet children’s developmental needs coherently and realistically within the stresses of daily life. I have identified five human needs, The Vital Five that often get shortchanged in a media saturated society.

When I founded the Parent Coaching Institute in 2000, I developed a comprehensive Parent Coaching Model that successfully addresses these issues. I keep a small parent coaching practice where I apply this model, seeing outstanding results.
I love my work! It is really my joy to assist professionals dedicated to family support. And it is an honor and a privilege to help parents in the most sacred work on the planet.

Over the years I have learned to more efficiently apply important research in systems thinking and change process models. The leading-edge theories and transformative tools I use make life-long positive differences in people’s lives. That’s another reason why I love my work—because it works!

About Gloria’s Recent Work

My book, Parenting Well in a Media Age: Keeping Our Kids Human received the 2007 i-Parenting Media Award as one of the year’s best products for parents. There is a free downloadable Discussion Guide on the Parenting Well website.

Parenting Well and Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill and several articles I have written have been translated into Spanish, German, Danish, Korean, Turkish, and Greek.

I founded the Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) in response to my deep sadness and feelings of hopelessness after the Columbine event.  With the Parent Coaching Institute I offered a new paradigm to professionals working to help moms and dads solve parenting problems. I also developed a productive community of like-minded individuals who share resources and provide mutual inspiration. The PCI provides Parent Coach Certification® through a graduate–level, distance-learning training for parent educators, teachers, counselors, social workers and community health professionals worldwide.

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